human esteem to business enhancement  

Leverage organizations' emotional balance turning it into a key competitive edge 


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Develop your organization's mental strength 

Merge faster and durably

Learn to turn emotions into performance

Organizational coaching during mergers & change processes

Rely on the mentalmerger® process to create a favorable environment for change

Workshops, seminars and conferences around Emotional Business Intelligence



Defuse tensions - accelerate the convergence



  Address and eradicate emotional blockages in the sensitive merging and change processes   flecheshe2be  

Turn stressful emotions into constructive energy


Become an Emotional Business Intelligence professional and learn to leverage emotions into catalysts

  flecheshe2be   Sustainably increase your organization's performance   flecheshe2be  

Strengthen your organization emotional immune system

flecheshe2be   Implement key values - creating lasting sense of belonging and ownership   flecheshe2be   Demonstrably accelerate target-achievements   flecheshe2be   Establish emotional "hubs" across your companies
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" Emotions energize the company "



„ It is not about thinking the same way, it's about looking in the same direction "


" Business is human "


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